Customer Help Center

Customer Help Center

How to book a service?

  1. Search for the category you need.
  2. Open the category and follow the instructions as you go forward.
  3. Once you have booked the service, wait for professional to be assigned. A verified and trained professional will be assigned you
  4. The assigned professional will reach the address you have provided or through computer and deliver the service.

How to cancel a booking?

If you want the service but cannot avail it at the time you booked the service for, we recommend you to reschedule the booking for a different time. If you want to cancel, follow the below steps

  1. Search for the booking you want to cancel
  2. Click on cancel
  3. Select the reason to cancel and submit

How to know if my request if confirmed?

Once you place a booking, you will receive a confirmation via SMS or email that the booking has been accepted. A verified professional will be assigned for your booking 1 hour before the service time.

How can I contact the professional?

You can directly call to our executive and ask for contact details of the professionals they will share with you in the projects section. Open your project, select the professional you want to speak to and call the professional

When will the professional reach for delivering service?

Our professionals generally reach within the selected slot of booking. We track if the job is not started on time and our customer experience associates start working on the issue automatically. Be assured that either the professional or a ServiseWala executive will get in touch with you in case the job cannot get started in time. If you face any problem, feel free to get in touch with us by selecting the booking for which you want to raise complain.

How can I rate and review the service of a professional?

After each service is completed, you will be asked to rate the professional. You would also be allowed to leave a feedback for the service and suggest improvements on various parameters. You can also edit your rating or review anytime in the next 30 days.

How can I book the same professional again who delivered my last service?

You can book your preferred professional through ServiseWala website. In order to book your preferred professional, select the services you want to book and select the address. You will be shown a list of professionals who provided services to you earlier and you can select any one of them. We will show you the calendar of the pro you select and you can pick a time slot at which the professional is available. Please remember that on ServiseWala, professionals have choice to either accept your job or not take it up according to their preference.

Paying for Services

How to pay for the services?

You have to pay half amount before start the work for security purpose and fraudulent rest of later before the service delivery. Please ask the executive to send you the receipt and the online payment link. Note that ServiseWala warranty and discount only applicable on payments made to online via website.

You can pay using the following methods

  1. Debit (ATM) cards or credit cards
  2. Net banking of all poplar banks
  3. India only, wallets like Paytm & other Refund Policy

If you have cancelled request before start the work within 4 days. Before start the work the Costumer request withdraws funds from their account there is a Cancellation fee will not be charged. After start the work if you cancel your Account at any time, you will not receive any refund. On cancellation of a request, the refund will be automatically initiated into your original payment method within 5-7 business days.